The Revival of Tamagotchi – Collective memory of 90’s feeders

The Revival of Tamagotchi – Collective memory of 90’s feeders

Before the rise of Digimon and Pokemon, Tamagotchi has been a hurricane around the world. No matter how old you are, you should be at least affected by the ways of raising a pet.

BANDAI, the launcher of Tamagotchi, is revived because of its cuteness and simplicity of device. Tamagotchi is a egg-shaped device who contains a “electronic chicken” from the planet of Tamago. The invention of digimon is somehow based on its features.

Compared to the breeding devices today, the function of Tamagotchi is relatively easy and simple. The breeder just need to clean, play and feed Tamagotchi in order to raise it. Pretty simple, right? That’s how the 90’s people love this kind of device because it provide a space for those people loves to feed and grow with Tamagotchi.

However, Tamagotchi only takes few years and it was replaced by Digimon from BANDAI and Pokemon series from Game Freak.

Digimon and Pokemon basically kept some features from Tamagotchi. For instance, trainer need to feed and take care of their monster from different kind of status, such as sickness and poisoned. The concept of breeding animal was kept.

BAIDAI tried many ways to revive Tamagotchi from other platform such as android and IOS. The results was not so well because people love fancier features like battling with other trainers and better graphic for the monster.

Fortunately, BAIDAI will release the 20th anniversary version of Tamagotchi in 2017. When most people look for the stimulation from intensive graphic and user experience, there are some people who want to keep thing simple as they were, like Tamagotchi.

You just need to feed, clean and play with it when you have leisure time instead of occupying your whole life. Does that make you wonder Tamagotchi should be the one we seek for?


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Myths about Solid State Drive

Myths about Solid State Drive

As long as the invention of SSD, most people are thrilled about the incredible speed of solid state drive. However, some people think SSD is not mature enough for daily usage. Here are the top 3 misunderstandings of SSD:

  1. SSD is much reliable than people think they are
  2. The lifespan of SSD is more than you think
  3. Impossible to recover data from broken SSD


SSD is much reliable than people think they are

Unlike mechanical hard drive, solid state drive are immune to common mechanical problems like broken drive’s head and bad sectors. SSD is built with NAND flash memory and it is anti-shock and vibration-endurance. It rarely suffers data loss compared to traditional hard drive.

The lifespan of SSD is more than you think

Just like all electronic products, SSD has its life expectancy as well. SSD has its read/write limit but most SSDs usually can be used at least 3 – 4 years with latest SLC caching technology.

Impossible to recover data from broken SSD

For the data recovery issue, recovering data from hard drive required hours and hours hardworking for that. Even for the traditional hard drives, the probability of retrieving data is only 50-50. Besides, data recovery technology has limited customer unable to save particular files. Asides from that, latest SSD supports TRIM command but the data recovery technology on SSD  is not sophisticated enough. Thus, recovering data from SSD is relatively more difficult than HDD.

The bottom line is doing regular backups on other storage devices always the best solution for that. In other words, the appearance of SSD seems to solve the transfer speed limit of traditional hard drive.

Nowadays, SSD are capable to compete with mechanical hard drive as its stability, reliability and large capacity. Therefore, it is irresponsible to argue SSD is not reliable and stable to replace traditional hard drive. It only takes a matter of time for SSD to replace HDD.

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